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This is a minimal homepage for the wmx development. It is supposed to grow with the time, so if you know something to put here, just tell me.

I currently maintain wmx while the original Author (Chris Cannam) is away. (Have fun, Chris!)
The current development snapshot (wmx-5sec6) can be fetched via the following sites:

Other resources relating to wmx:

Further Webpages which mention wmx: wm2 is wmx's little brother. No fancy features and almost nothing to configure... Development notes i.e. what i intend to do next:
put together current version,
add TODO/UPDATES files.

examine lower right corner-update buglet.
hack configure for more systems
Put original Makefile back, as alternative to configure.
include .spec file
check fabians forgotten patch.
merge gnome patch, when it's gotten more stable

Any comments about this page or my work are welcome. Send them to me.

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 27.Apr.1999, 13.Jun.2002