42.org, Hardware, btl
Btl.42.Org is named after an acronym from the books of the Shadowrun-Series. As it always is, i quickly needed a name for my new box, remembered that i once planned a naming scheme for my boxes (taking names from Shadowrun), took one of the books from the shelf, and the first thing i saw, was the description of BTL in the glossary.
BTL is an TLA for 'Better Than Life' which seemed appropriate at that time. (It will probably look ridicoulus in a few years from now.).

Short list of what i remember offhand.

Asus A7V600-X
(Socket A) AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2075Mhz CPU 
 L1: 64k, L2: 512k
1G + 512MB Ram

be quiet Netzteil

Derzeit 3 Platten (60, 30, 80 G)

Japanische 109 Tasten Tastatur

Logitec MX 310 Maus (optical, USB) (3tasten, rad, applikationstaste, 2 randtasten)

120W active Speakers for 46,- DEM (Litec-Computer)

BTL is currently my Working/playing box. This means that it will get turned off at nights, and will sometimes run DOS/Windows if i want to play a game.

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 28-May-1998, 10-May-2005