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Well, sometimes I do really wonder where Humankind is going. Once in a time, there are incidences where I wonder how we got so far. Most humans are just unable to handle any kind of anonymity, and so I will not anonymize any logs here.

: Last night (12.1.98 01:18) in IrcNet
*** jehs (Joe@deck-200.frankfurt.netsurf.de) has joined channel #fub
<jehs> sec du sack
<Sec> jehs: ja ?
*** You have been marked as being away
* Sec geht ins bett *wink*
<jehs> f.d.
*** Sec has left channel #fub (Sec)
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich
[jehs] fick dich

: 12.1.98 11:23
*** IRCop (cyber10@cyber10.hhmoe.cyberbar.de) has joined channel #blafasel
<IRCop> einer da?
*** IRCop is cyber10@cyber10.hhmoe.cyberbar.de (Cyber10 Bar)
*** on channels: #blafasel #linuxger
*** on irc via server irc.blafasel.de (blafasel intim...)
*** IRCop has been idle for 265 seconds. Signon at Mon Jan 12 11:18:57 1998
<Sec> was fuer ein schlechter Nickname
<IRCop> ok
*** IRCop is now known as Admin
*** Admin is now known as User
[User] hi du penner
[User] wie geht es dir
*** Signoff: User (Leaving)

: 17.1.99 12:24
[syop] can i be a op please ill do anything and ill do anything for you and even ill send you my pic 12/f

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 12.Jan.1998, 4.May.1999