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I've produced some statistics about my Mail

Black is the number of 'personal' Mails. That means those who get filtered in my Inbox. This includes a small number of automatically generated Mails such as my daily comics. Blue is the number of Spam Mails (those which my filter sucessfully filters). In April 2003 I started measuring the number of false negatives (i.e. Spam Mails which were not found by my filter) - they are displayed in red.
In June 2003 I patched my Mailserver to do 'sender address verification'. It now rejects mails with an undeliverable sender address. This resulted in quite a drop of Spam levels.
I also check my spam-folder every now and then. Mails which have been falsely classified are now marked in green.
And, as an extra goodie, som blog statistics: first the number of automatically deleted spam comments in my blog:

And second, the number of uniq clients getting the rss feed of my blog: Blue is the number of Clients supporting caching via Etag-Header.

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 23.Feb.2002, 23.Feb.2002