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Yes, that's me

My address
Stefan Zehl
Werner-Schlierf-Str. 43
81539 Munich

+49 (89) 215 78 097 (Home)
+49 (174) 346 58 57 (Mobile)

+49 (89) 215 78 098

sec@42.org (at Home) (GPG or PGP accepted)

Sec on #blafasel on IRC-Net
and #blafasel on BNet.



What I've been doing:
I've been Student at the University TU-München (WS 94/95 till SS 98) in Computer Science and subsidiary subject Mathematics. After that, I took my second try at the FH-München, where i started in WS 98/99 as 3rd Semester, again in Computer Science, which finished successfully. Earlier in my life, i took small jobs at the BR (Bayrischer Rundfunk) (a german Radio/TV-Station). I've also been working at the ESG (Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH) as a working student. I also helped maintaining the Windows-NT archive at ftp.leo.org, participated quite a bit in making the 'Impulsiv', the student representatives newspaper of the Fachschaft MPI. I also worked at the Lehrstuhl Zenger, have been one of the muc.de admins, had been Customer of CameloT. I've been remote-admin at the BOS-München where I also held a sysad training. I worked at the pedagogic institute of the city of Munich to help realize the Musin-Project. I've spent some time at SpaceNet hacking Perl-Code for their Web department. I was working for 11 years with AtSec as admin and currently, I'm employed as Architect with NEOS.

IRC'ing, WEB'ing, doing something totally senseless with my Friends. Getting my Account locked :->, playing with Doom, C=64, Sidplay, StarTrek, Emulators, Geek-Code, making mistakes, patching mutt, software, tcp-relays, setting up tuucp, doing hardware-hacking, telling the story of my best mark in German, and sometimes to get upset about some DAU's. If I've got too much money, i might buy a new Computer....
Now featuring: How do I calculate the orbit of a geostationary Satellite.
Oh, B too. Recently, I also started to maintain wmx. As I now own a Pilot 3, I made an own page for it. I've been to various events. Some Texts/Photos can be found here.
Then we still have the CountEr, a small bot with Webserver, written entirely in ircII-script, and the CCCamp-1999 texts. Also I'm participating in the muCCC the Munich offspring of the CCC. Lastly, i did a clickable Worldmap of perlgolfers home locations. Additionally, I made some statistic graphs with rrdtool. My newest pet project is a reimplementation of an old C=64 game. And for those who are interested, you can view my Diploma Thesis or some other pages with random information on them.
And last but not least I'm giving away some stuff. Yes, I also got a blog now (mostly german): Sec, blogmal.

If have any comment about these webpages (positive or flames), feel free to send me a Mail, because I like getting lots of it.

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 19.Jun.1994, 19.Dec.2004