When debugging / hacking websites, the following self-written Bookmarklets have proven quite usefull.

add-formfield (adds a text formfield to every form on the page)
href-substitute (applies a regex substitution to all <a href= links)
unhide-pw (makes the text in all password fields readable)
FixCtx (Re-Enables the original context menu)
RemoveEmptyPW (Removes all empty password fields, to make moz remember the set ones.)
Flickr_get_info (If you look at a raw flickr image, gets you back to the stream)
Paint_square (Paints over Squares on on the page)

These following are taken from: http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/.

unhide-form (Shows hidden from fileds and makes them editable)
remove redirects (Fixes links like http://www.stupid.com/redirect?http://www.cool.de)
Show blocks (Puts borders around 'block' elements - Note: This usually fetches a .css file from his site, which I have copied/changed to my local site.)

add-aname (current experiment)


Test-Link: www.test-link.de.


Btw. Don't select this text.

-- Sec